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#http://manyeyes.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/visualizations/3a57d6b8ce7111de975d000 255111976/comments/3a5b1206ce7111de975d000255111976 #IMPORT DATA Statepopulations=open("StatePopulations.txt", "r") Energysources=open("EnergySources.csv", "r") #BUILD DICTIONARIES PopulationDict={} EnergyDict={} for line in Statepopulations: StatePopulations = line.split() if StatePopulations == []: continue if StatePopulations[0] != "n/a": if len(StatePopulations) == 11: StateName= StatePopulations[2] Population= StatePopulations[3] else: StateName= StatePopulations[2]+" "+StatePopulations[3] Population= StatePopulations[4] #ASSIGN DATA TO DICTIONARY Population=Population.replace(",","") PopulationDict[StateName]= Population Statepopulations.close() for line in Energysources: EnergySources= line.split(",") if EnergySources[0] not in PopulationDict: continue StateName=EnergySources[0] Coal= EnergySources[1] NaturalGas= EnergySources[2] Petroleum= EnergySources[3] Nuclear= EnergySources[4] Hydroelectric= EnergySources[5]
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2010 for the course ECS 40175 taught by Professor Amenta during the Fall '09 term at UC Davis.

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