p3 - montha = Balance-P monthb =(((MI)*montha)+montha)-P...

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print"Payment Calculator" import conversionCheck as cc #D is the amount of debt initally inStringA=raw_input("\nEnter amount of debt:") #I is the interest rate inStringB=raw_input("Enter interest rate:") #P is the amount of each payment inStringC=raw_input("Enter monthly payment:") goodInputA = cc.couldBeFloat(inStringA) goodInputB = cc.couldBeFloat(inStringB) goodInputC = cc.couldBeFloat(inStringC) if not goodInputA: print "Please enter valid number" elif not goodInputB: print "Please enter valid number" elif not goodInputC: print "Please enter valid number" else: D=inStringA I=inStringB P=inStringC D=float(D) I=float(I) P=float(P) # MI stand for Monthly Interest MI=(.01*I)/12 #Balance Calculates the balance before the first payment Balance=(D+((MI)*D))
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Unformatted text preview: montha = Balance-P monthb =(((MI)*montha)+montha)-P xyz=Balance-P if monthb>montha: print"\nAt this rate you will never pay off your debt." elif P>D: print "\nMonth 1", "\nBalance going forward = $ 0.00", print "\n\nTotal Payments: $", "%.2f"%(D+(MI*D)) else: month=1 if montha>=monthb: print "\nMonth", month print "Balance going forward = $","%.2f"%float(Balance-P) while montha > 0: month=month+1 montha = (((MI)*montha)+montha)-P print "\nMonth", month # this is to calculate total payment if montha < P: last = montha+P if montha < 0: montha = 0 print "Balance going forward = $","%.2f"%montha Total=(P*(month-1))+ last print "\nTotal Payments: $","%.2f"%Total raw_input("Press enter to exit.")...
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p3 - montha = Balance-P monthb =(((MI)*montha)+montha)-P...

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