nutrition - if z=="b":...

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print"Carl's Jr. Nutritional Information Quiz" print"\n\nHow many grams of fat does the Teriyaki Six Dollar Burger have?" print"a) 33" print"b) 43" print"c) 53" x=raw_input("Answer:") if x=="b": print "Correct!" elif x is "B": print"Correct!" else: print"Wrong!" print"\nThe Jalapeno Burger contains how many grams of protein?" print"a) 27" print"b) 37" print"c) 47" y=raw_input("Answer:") if y is "a": print "Correct!" elif y is "A": print"Correct!" else: print "Wrong!" print"\nHow many charbroiled beef patties does the Big Carl have?" print"a) 1" print"b) 2" print"c) 3" z=raw_input("Answer:")
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Unformatted text preview: if z=="b": print"Correct!" elif z is "B": print "Correct!" else: print"Wrong!" if z is "b": a=1 elif z is "B": a=1 else: a=0 if y is "a": b=1 elif y is "A": b=1 else: b=0 if x is "b": c=1 elif x is "B": c=1 else: c=0 score=a+b+c if score is 1: print "\nYou got", a+b+c,"question correct." if score is not 1: print "\nYou got a",a+b+c,"questions correct." if score is 3: print"Great job!" if score is 2: print"Not too shabby." if score is 1: print"You should study a little more." if score is 0: print"Is there ANYTHING you know?."...
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nutrition - if z=="b":...

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