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Sample Midterm - ECS 10 Concepts of Computation Sample...

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Unformatted text preview: ECS 10 Concepts of Computation Sample Midterm 2 Fall 2008 Multiple choice: Fill in the bubble corresponding to the correct answer on the Scantron form. Choose only ONE correct answer for each of the multiple choice questions. None of the questions is intended to have more than one right answer. If two or more answers are filled in, you will get no credit. There is no penalty for wrong answers, so it is better to guess than to leave the problem blank. Always fill in one bubble. 1. Here is a program with a blank in it. inStr = "rock" for ____________________ print x It prints: r o c k The blank could be filled by... a) x in inStr: b) x in range(inStr): c) x in range(len(inStr)): 2. This program has a missing line. L = for i in range(3): _______________________ print L It prints a list of lists: [[0],[1],[2]] The missing line should be: a) L = L + i b) L = L + [i] c) L = L + [[i]] 1 3. Here is a little program that uses a dictionary to let the user enter and organize a basketball squad. The user enters the names of five players, and then picks one of the five as the center. print "Your fantasy basketball team!" team = {} for i in range(5): player = raw_input("Enter the name of a player: ") team[player] = i center = raw_input("Enter the name of the center: ") if ______________________ print "The center is",center else: print center,"is not on the team" There is a blank in the if statement; it should be...statement; it should be....
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Sample Midterm - ECS 10 Concepts of Computation Sample...

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