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271hw2 - Gray 000,001,011,010,110,111,101,100 4 Draw a...

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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EE271 Homework #2 1. Write the logic tables and canonical Boolean expressions of the RS-, D-, T-, and JK-flip- flops and then minimize these canonical Boolean expressions 2. Draw a Moore state diagram of a Finite String Pattern Recognizer as specified below: A finite string recognizer has one input ( X ) and one output ( Z ). The output is asserted whenever the input sequence …010…has been observed, as long as the sequence 100 has never been seen. Several samples input/output behavior are as below: X: 00101010010… Z: 00010101000… X: 11011010010… Z: 00000001000… 3. Draw a Moore state diagram of a 3-bit complex counter that: Has a mode control M. When M = 0, counter counts up in binary sequence. When M = 1, counter advances through Gray code sequence. Binary and gray codes are shown as below: Binary: 000,001,010,011,100,101,110,111
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Unformatted text preview: Gray: 000,001,011,010,110,111,101,100 4. Draw a state diagram of a traffic light controller, such as the highway and small road intersection as below: • A busy highway is intersected by a little used farmroad. • Detectors C sense the presence of cars waiting on the farmroad. • With no car on farmroad, light remains Green in highway direction. • If vehicle on farmroad, highway lights go from Green to Yellow to Red, allowing the farmroad lights to become green. • These stay green only as long as a farmroad car is detected but never longer than a set interval. • When these are met, farm lights transition from Green to Yellow to Red, allowing highway to return to green. • Even if farmroad vehicles are waiting, highway gets at least a set interval as green. • Assume having an interval timer that generates a short time pulse (TS) and a long time pulse (TL) • TS is to be used for timing yellow lights and TL is for green lights....
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