05 - 01/30/09 03:02:55 CS 61B: Lecture 5 Friday, January...

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01/30/09 03:02:55 1 05 CS 61B: Lecture 5 Friday, January 30, 2009 Today’s reading: LOOPS ===== "while" Loops ------------- A "while" statement is like an "if" statement, but the body of the statement is executed repeatedly, as long as the condition remains true. The following example tests whether n is a prime number by attempting to divide it by every integer in the range 2. ..n - 1. public static boolean isPrime(int n) { int divisor = 2; while (divisor < n) { _ <- "divisor < n" is the _loop_condition_. if (n % divisor == 0) { | return false; | These lines inside the braces } | are called the _loop_body_. divisor++; _| } return true; } Here’s how the loop executes. - When Java reaches this "while" loop, it tests whether the loop condition "divisor < n" is true. - If divisor < n, Java executes the loop body {in braces}. - When Java finishes the loop body (i.e. after executing "divisor++"), it tests _again_ whether "divisor < n" is true. - If it’s still true, Java jumps back up to the beginning of the loop body and executes it again. - If Java tests the loop condition and finds that "divisor < n" is false, Java continues execution from the next line of code _after_ the loop body. An _iteration_ is a pass through the loop body. In this example, if n is 2 or less, the loop body won’t iterate even once. "for" Loops ----------- "for" loops are a convenient shorthand that can be used to write some "while" loops in a more compact way. The following "for" loop is equivalent to the following "while" loop. for (initialize; condition; next) { | initialize; statements; | while (condition) { } | statements; | next; | } By convention, the "initialize" and "next" are both expressions that affect a variable that changes every loop iteration and is central to the test. Most
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05 - 01/30/09 03:02:55 CS 61B: Lecture 5 Friday, January...

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