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02/07/09 19:53:10 1 readme CS 61B Homework 3 Due 5pm Wednesday, February 11, 2006 This homework assignment is designed to give you practice working with arrays, linked lists, and nested loops. It will also give you practice for the similar but harder run-length encoding computations in Project 1. This is an individual assignment; you may not share code with other students. Copy the Homework 3 directory by doing the following, starting from your home directory: cp -r $master/hw/hw3 . cd hw3 Your task is to write two methods for removing successive duplicate items from lists, and one method for adding them. The smoosh() method operates on lists represented as arrays, and the squish() method and twin() method operate on singly-linked lists. The Homework3 class includes test code for all three methods, as well as a skeleton for the smoosh() method. The SList class from Lab 3 is also present, and here includes skeletons for the squish() method and the twin() method. You can test all three methods by compiling and running Homework3.java. As usual, you are welcome to add test cases to the main() method or change main() as you please; we will not test main(). However, you cannot change the
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