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Experimental Psychology- Learning Lecture 7 Outline I. Mechanisms of Conditioned Responding- How do the CS and US become associated? II. The Blocking Effect A. The Burrito Scenario Alcohol CS1 Morning Hang-over: US Sometime in that evening before you experienced hangover….New Burrito place stays open until 2am and you get a burrito after a night of drinking (CS1) Mmmm, Burrito: CS2 Will you stop eating burritos? Have you associated burrito with hangover? Because we are putting it in some type of relationship here. NO! you love burritos! But there is another reason…prior experience tells you that alcohol and hangover go together. There is not much associative strength left for burrito and hangover to go together. Prior experience blocks new experience. Blocking Effect: prior conditioning of a CS1 (A) interferes with or “blocks” the development of CS2 (B) A (CS1)= Alcohol B (CS2)= Burrito US= Hang-over Test occurs with Burrito alone What if the first time you drink enough to get a hangover, you eat a burrito? -Contiguity is a fundamental learning concept: 2 events occurring together will become associated -Blocking calls this into question: If burrito and hangover are paired together, why aren’t they becoming associated? -The US must be “ SUPRISING ”: hangover from alcohol “blocks” the new association between burrito and alcohol context. Rescorla-Wagner Model B. Paradigm of Blocking C. Implications III. The Rescorla-Wagner Model Rescorla- Wagner Model: the effectiveness of a US is determined by how surprising it is A. Surprisingness: an event is surprising if it is different than expected 1. Underexpectation- Expect a calculator for birthday, receive a computer
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Lecture 7-Outline - Experimental Psychology- Learning...

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