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Lecture 10-Outline

Lecture 10-Outline - D Response Rate Schedules 1 Examples 2...

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Experimental Psychology- Learning Lecture 10 Outline I. Introduction A. Announcements B. Overview II. Schedules of Reinforcement A. Ratio Schedules 1. Continuous vs. Partial 2. Fixed Ratio (FR) a. Characteristics b. Implications 3. Variable Ratio a. Examples b. Characteristics B. Interval Schedules 1. Fixed Interval 2. Variable Interval 3. Characteristics C Ratio vs. Interval Schedules
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Unformatted text preview: D. Response Rate Schedules 1. Examples 2. Differential Reinforcement of High Rates 3. Differential Reinforcement of Low Rates III. Choice Behaviors A. Concurrent Schedules B. Measuring Choice 1. Relative Rate of Responding (RR) 2. Relative Rate of Reinforcement (rr) C. Matching Law...
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