intro - What is development-Learning isnt necessarily...

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9/1/2009 What is development? -Learning isn’t necessarily development -Development psychologists study CHANGE in social, cognitive, physical etc aspects o Orderly- development tends to be orderly- hierarchical- for ex. drawing and language o Directional- development tends to go forward- this is controversial o Stable- development doesn’t go back, when something is established it maintains 9/3/2009- Song: Mad World- Gary Jules -Development: drawing language vs. Learning: tying your shoes -Developmental psychologists describe, explain and predict change Major Issues in Developmental Psychology o Is development a matter of quantitative (amount, number) or qualitative( difference in kind) change? o Continuous or discontinuous? Gradual or stage like steps? – According to Meriwether coloring could be discontinuous qualitative change o Are genetic or environmental factors the most important determinants of child development and behavior? Nature vs. Nurture- it is usually both -Importance of context for development, development takes place within a context (family, home, school etc.) o World View 0. Organismic vs. Mechanistic Organismic vs. Mechanistic Theories o Organismic- organism goes through qualitative changes for example the monarch butterfly. They start off as an egg, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly and active development and moves towards a goal the goal with the caterpillar is being a butterfly. The organismic theory makes a little difference between learning and development where the mechanistic does not. o
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intro - What is development-Learning isnt necessarily...

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