CogDev in Early childhood

CogDev in Early childhood - Cognitive Development in Early...

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Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Is there development in perspective drawing ability? Is there development in art across human history? Is there development in art in childhood? Margaret Hagen’s Theory - children like to draw but adults don’t -Collected data on drawing tasks and doesn’t think there is development No development- doesn’t believe it is a cognitive thing just expressive 0. Cultures and individuals use any of three equally valid systems 0. Metric- drawn with metric system of geometry they are flat no 3D feel- angle is conserved doesn’t change and lines are straight and parallel if that is the case in real life- lines and angles are conserved- ancient Egypt used metric system 1. Affine- lines that are parallel and straight are still conserved but not conserving angle anymore- gives 3D dimension feel- Japanese art used affine 2. Projective- or perspective house- angles and parallels not conserved only straight lines are- Europeans used perspective 10/22/09 Video : Boy or Girl? -When doctors choose the sex of the baby -Changing the sex might have birth defects -Made one babies genitals anatomically female because the male genitals would never work -Cases called ambiguous genitalia -Sex assignment is often done to make people female because it is easier- hormone and surgeries will help them have a normal life as possible even if they can’t reproduce -Theory is babies are born with born slate with gender -Case with John/Joan (David Reiner- came out and then committed suicide later) who they tried to make a girl but should have been a boy and he declared himself a boy and stopped taking hormones and had more surgery and lives in constant fear of people finding out about his past (as a girl) and he struggles with it. -Jane case who was turned female when male and when she was studied she played with army men and not dolls and her play is more typically male and two of the doctors subjects in his study declared themselves boys later on in life -Dr Diamond says sex surgeries on infants should not be done until the child is old enough to figure out what their brain wants and thinks they are Video 2: Dying to be thin -Ballerinas must be abnormally thin to succeed- dangerous obsession to many dancers -Anorexia nervousa most dangerous psychological disorder -Heidi Gunther died at age 22 when heart gave out- famous ballerina -14 year Erin irrational fear of being fat has been starving for 3 months- 20 percent below normal weight- saw movie with Karen Carpenter that taught her -Prolonged starvation can cause damage to kidneys and liver and heart failure and other complications -Today 8 million people suffer from anorexia and bulimia young women 18-24 most
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vulnerable -There is evidence of anorexia dating back to 14 th century- thin religiously -In 19 th century- thin because it meant they conquered carnal appetites and spiritual
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CogDev in Early childhood - Cognitive Development in Early...

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