Prenatal Development

Prenatal Development - From nature and genetics… Miracle...

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Unformatted text preview: From nature and genetics… Miracle Babies? Children who had been born between 22-25 weeks were examined at 6 years of age 46% had moderate to severe disabilities 34% were mildly disabled 20% had no disabilities 12% had cerebral palsy Prenatal Development Periods of Prenatal Development 1) Germinal Period or zygote Conception -week 2- we are only fertile for 24 hours a month but sperm can live in uterus for about 5 days and no outward signs of ovulation fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube and cell divides and divides By day 5 blastocyst- hollow form of cell forms About 9th day attaches to uterine wall- comes down fallopian tube and attaches to top of uterus and impants and blastocyst has inner cell mass detaches and forms embryonic disk Embryonic Disk Ectoderm- outside stuff- skin, hair and nails Endoderm- body systems (brain etc) Mesoderm- forms the muscles Placenta- baby not in placenta- around it Provides: Nutrients and Oxygen and Antibodies Takes Away: Waste products Screens many but not all harmful agents 9/22/09 Song: Stay up late- Talking Heads 2) Embryonic Period week 2-week 8 sensitive period most of body’s systems forming rapidly- most vulnerable to harm during this period central nervous system- heart- limbs- digestive tract- a few systems are still forming Teratogens Maternal diseases: Rubella (measles)...
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  • Spring '08
  • low birth weight, certified nurse midwife, Low risk pregnancies, embryonic disk Embryonic, birth- low rate

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Prenatal Development - From nature and genetics… Miracle...

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