Drought - Drought(Ch 10 0 Deficiency of precipitation...

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Drought (Ch 10) 0. Deficiency of precipitation, generally for more than a few seasons, so that soil moisture and stream flow are decreased 1. Relative to long-term average (”normal”) balance between precipitation and evapotranspiration (i.e., evaporation + organism transpiration) in particular area. Drought Conditions o Related to timing and effectiveness of rains 0. Principal season of occurrence 1. Delays in start of rainy season 2. Timing of rains in relation to principal crop growth stages 3. Rainfall intensity 4. Number of rainfall events Other factors such as high temperature, high wind, and low relative humidity can significantly aggravate severity o Droughts develop gradually (A lot in west, southwest- Colorado, Utah, NM etc.) Rainfall deficits in a single year may be important However, repeated rainfall deficits lead to major droughts Duration can be prolonged (up to decades) if moisture conditions remain low Droughts in the Sahel (south of Sahara) 1968-73 and 1980-84- in another one now Famed Dust Bowl in Great Plains through the 1930s- in Midwest Drought Types Meteorological drought 5. Prolonged period of lower than normal precipitation Agricultural drought 6. Conditions persist enough to impact crop or range production 7. Shortage of soil moisture Hydrological drought 8. Insufficient water in streams, reservoirs, lakes
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Drought - Drought(Ch 10 0 Deficiency of precipitation...

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