People and Floods - Geol 116 People and Floods Fall 2009...

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Geol 116 Fall 2009 People and Floods Development Effects on Floodplains Early towns established along rivers for access to water and transportation Severe alterations of landscape through urbanization, logging, grazing, forest fires Added sediment load to rivers Increased size and damaging nature of floods Urbanization Increasing urbanization promotes increasing numbers of flash floods and higher flood levels Wherever roads and buildings cover landscape, water forced to run off rapidly into nearby streams, sometimes through concrete channels Fires, Logging, and Overgrazing Watershed deforestation by fire, clear-cut logging, overgrazing increased sediment load Streams choked with sediment, braided, steeper Forest soil soaks up water Fire removes soil protection, decreases soil permeability Clear-cut logging methods remove brush, form skid trails and logging roads that focus downslope drainage and add sediment to streams Grazing removes surface vegetation, increasing soil erosion Mining Mining can change sediment load, disrupt equilibrium of river Large amounts of sand and gravel for construction use come from streambed mining Reduced sediment supply in stream increases stream’s erosive energy Bridges Raise roadway above 100-year flood level Partial dam across floodplain, with narrow open channel under roadway bridge Deep water under bridge flows faster, causes erosion
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People and Floods - Geol 116 People and Floods Fall 2009...

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