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Where from Here - The Future Where Do We Go From Here We...

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The Future: Where Do We Go From Here? We Are The Problem 0. Problems arise when people put themselves where they can be impacted by major natural events 1. Simple solution would be to keep people from hazardous locations 2. People continue to make poor choices, believe that risked event “won’t happen to me” Hazard Assessment and Mitigation 3. Underlying problem is belief that we can control nature 4. Fail to see that the more we hold back the effect of large natural event, the worse the effect will eventually be 5. ‘Soft’ solutions include zoning to prevent building, strict building codes 6. ‘Hard’ solutions include installing levees, concrete barriers, riprap, catchment basins and landslide drains Societal Attitudes 7. Collective memories of disasters only go back a few years 8. Who should be responsible? 0. Seller, purchaser, developer or agent, or government 1. Government held responsible because deeper pockets than others 9. Zoning restrictions are often limited After a Disaster 10. Homeowners’ behavior may contribute to damage
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