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Houston Community College Northwest Campus-TC t(10/28/09) Test 2 sample review only M1351 Test 2 sample 10/28/09 10.1-10.6, 9.1-9.4 Answer all of the following questions with your own work in either pen or pencil. Please indicate all answers on this paper. Please clearly denote your answers. You may show your work and you may use a calculator for answers on this test. Check your work carefully before you hand in your paper which should include your name. Look over the complete exam before you begin and try to spend a somewhat equal time on each problem. Where it must apply round a final answer to the nearest .001 . Please do not leave any question blank. Any answer must be simplified. If your answer requires units please exhibit them. Good Luck. You are free to work with others on this review. 1. Given a right triangle with legs of lengths 1 meter and 1 meter find the length of its hypotenuse and the degree measures of its interior angles.
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