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Practice_Q1-4 - y(t)= sin(2 π f t f =900Hz y(t)=-sin(2 π...

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EEL3135 Dr. Fred J. Taylor, Professor “Pop” Quiz #1 (10 minutes) Name_________________________________ Student Number________________________ A signal x(t)=sin(2 π f 0 t), f 0 =900Hz, is sampled at 1,200 Sa/s rate to create a time-series x[k]. The time signal x[k] is presented to an ideal Shannon sin(x)/x interpolator to create a continuous- time signal y(t). Mathematically, what is y(t)?
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Unformatted text preview: y(t)= sin(2 π f t); f =900Hz y(t)= -sin(2 π f t); f =900Hz y(t)= sin(2 π f 1 t); f 1 =300Hz X y(t)= -sin(2 π f 1 t); f 1 =300Hz None of these answers. [10-points] [0, ± 1200, ± 2400, … [ ± 600, ± 1800, … f =900 … f 1 =-300 … y(t) = sin(2 π (-300)t)= -sin(2 π (300)t) 1...
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