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Political Science Questions Question 1: Option One Adam Smith's arguments have held a special position in modern society for centuries. The noted economist argued in favor of the free market system. He claimed that allowing capitalism to take its course would be best for society by natural extension. There is an intuitive appeal to his arguments. He was firmly convinced that if each individual was left alone to act in rational self-interest, the society as a whole would be benefited. In a famous illustration, Smith described this influence as the “invisible hand” of the free market. Thus, government regulation should, according to Smith, be kept to a minimum. While there are many points to be gleaned from the text, it has proven incomplete in its description of the market. As recent developments have indicated, government regulation is sometimes advantageous. Self-interest may lead to overextension, which may in turn lead to economic downturn. Smith's principles do not translate well from individuals and small businesses to corporate behemoths that are considered too large to fail. Question 2: Option Two The Head Start program for needy children has proven extremely effective. The government-funded program is well-known as a preschool. However, it also provides nutrition and other educative information to parents.
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DQ_PoliticalSci - Political Science Questions Question 1...

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