Ch11 HW1 - Ch11 HW1

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BRANDON JARROTT FELDKAMP PHYS 2211, section M, Fall 2008 Instructor: Jennifer Curtis Web Assign Current Score: 18 out of 18 Due: Monday, December 1, 2008 09:00 AM EST Description The Einstein model of a solid; Ways of arranging energy Instructions Reading: Sections 11.1-11.3.1 The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made. 1. [MI2 11.X.01] 2/2 points For practice in counting microstates, determine how many ways there are to arrange 2 quanta among 3 one-dimensional oscillators. (3 oscillators correspond to one atom.) 6 6 2. [MI2 11.X.02] 2/2 points Use the formula below to calculate the number of ways to arrange 6 quanta among 3 one-dimensional oscillators. 28 28 (q + N - 1)! q!(N - 1)! 3. [MI2 11.X.03.01] 2/2 points A carbon nanoparticle (very small particle) contains 5000 carbon atoms. According to the Einstein model of a solid, how many oscillators are in this block? 15000
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Ch11 HW1 - Ch11 HW1

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