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Short Answers to Study Questions for Lecture 5 1. Hydrolysis of ATP yields the right amount of energy for many cellular processes. List some cellular processes that use ATP as their energy source protein synthesis Na-K ATPase Ca ATPase actomyosin ATPase gluconeogenesis mRNA synthesis substrate cycling 2. ATP is not abundant in cells. Answer the following questions to estimate how long the ATP stored in your brain would support its activity, assuming ATP is the only energy source. a. Estimate the brain’s ATP energy store, assuming that [ATP] = 5 mM in brain cells, that the free energy change on hydrolysis of ATP (ΔGo’ ) is -7.3 kcal/mol ≈ -30.5 kJ/mol and that the mass of the brain is 1. kg. 5 mM * (-30.5 kJ/mol) * (2/3 L intracell water/L tissue) * (1 L tissue/kg tissue) ≈100 Joules/kg tissue. Brain’s ATP Supply: 100 J/kg * 1.5 kg = 150 J b. Estimate the rate at which the brain uses energy, assuming that it uses 15% of the energy that your whole body uses, and that the rate of energy use by your body is 100 watts. 15 W = 15 J/s c. In how long would the brain’s ATP store (from part a) be completely depleted at the rate you calculated in part (b). Time to use ATP supply (at rest): (150 J)/(15 J/s) = 10 s 3. a. Explain why the steps that are controlled in metabolic pathways are typically those with a large
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lecture5 sq key - Short Answers to Study Questions for...

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