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Lecture 11 Ecosystems Ecosystems: all the organisms living in a community and is relative Nutrients cycle within an ecosystem Energy flows through an ecosystem 1) Energy Flow in ecosystem a) Primary Production: amount of light energy converted to chemical energy i) Gross primary production (GPP): total primary production ii) Net Primary Production (NPP): GPP – energy used by producers for respiration iii) It is the amount of new energy available to consumers iv) Standing crop: total biomass of autotrophs v) Limiting factor: that which must be increased to increase productivity vi) i.e open oceans lack iron therefore ocean is blue and not green b) Upwelling: dead phytoplankton (full of nutrients) sink to bottom of ocean c) Coastal upwelling: wind blows away top layer of phytoplankton from coast therefore dead phytoplankton rise to the top (cyclical) d) Freshwater ecosystems are limited by lack of phosphorus e) Actual evapotranspiration: the amount of water transpired by plants and
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