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9/24/09 1 Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (BILD 3) Dr. Heather Henter African sunbirds Dr. Heather Henter office Muir Biology Building 4268 [email protected] office hours T/Th 9:45-10:45 or by appointment Dr. Krystal Rypien [email protected] office hours by appointment Peterson 108 (A) T/Th 8:00 AM – 9:20 AM Peterson 108 (B) T/Th 2:00 AM – 3:20 PM Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (BILD 3) Fall 2009 Tentative Lecture Schedule Date Lecture Topic Required reading Sept. 24 Introduction 29 History of evolutionary thought Ch. 22 Oct. 1 Evidence of evolution Ch. 22 6 Natural selection Ch. 23 8 Natural selection Ch. 23 13 Population genetics Ch. 23 15 Phylogenetic trees Ch. 26 20 Speciation Ch. 24 22 Behavioral ecology Ch. 51 27 Behavioral ecology Ch. 51 28 MIDTERM (Wed. 8 PM – 9:20 PM) various rooms 29 Population ecology Ch. 53 Nov. 3 Population Ecology Ch. 53 5 Community Ecology Ch. 54 10 Community Ecology Ch. 54 12 Ecosystems Ch. 55 17 Ecosystems Ch. 55 19 Conservation Ch. 56 24 Origin & history of life Ch. 25 26 Holiday no lecture Dec. 1 Evolution and Human Health To be announced 3 Biodiversity To be announced Reading: The course text is Biology, 8 th edition, by Neil Campbell and Jane Reece. All the readings are required and will be covered on exams. Copies of the text are on reserve at Science & Engineering Library
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9/24/09 2 Can I use an old edition of the text? i>clickers (Other types of clickers will not work). Lecture (only) – question - response Why? interaction, feedback, participation Instructions – end of syllabus, Tuesday in class Every student in THIS class must have own i>clicker Students in DIFFERENT classes can share clickers Sept 29 – Oct 8 practice (points will not count) Oct. 13 – clicker points will count toward grade No make-ups for clicker points Contact: The best way to contact me is by email ([email protected]). PLEASE put BILD 3 in the subject line to indicate that the email pertains to this course If your question is about your status, please include lecture time PID UCSD username (User ID on WebCT) WAIT LIST Students on the wait list will be automatically enrolled as space becomes available (as others drop). If you intend to drop, please do so asap so others can add WebCT You should have access to the course web site now What will be on WebCT? PDFs of all the lecture slides (6 per page, after lecture) Announcements (occasionally) Grades (please contact your TA about WebCT grade mistakes) How to do well in this class: 1) go to lecture and take notes 2) use an outline format 3) go over the on-line PDFs within the next 24 hours and fill in any details that were missed in lecture. 4) don’t print the PDFs 5) summarize, organize, and restate things in your own words. 6) imagine you are next year’s TA
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lecture%201%20introduction%20F09-1 - 9/24/09 Organismic and...

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