lecture%205%20population%20genetics%20B - 10/13/09 1)Is a...

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10/13/09 1 1)Is a population in Hardy –Weinberg equilibrium at a particular locus? a) know # genotypes b) calculate # of each allele c) calculate allele frequencies d) calculate expected genotype frequencies Use H-W e) compare expected vs observed genotype #s f) conclusion 2) Is a population in Hardy -Weinberg Equilibrium? HLA genes Immune system, recognize invading organisms Numerous alleles in human population Alleles – codominant (both expressed) Proteins from different alleles recognize different invaders Hypothesis – heterozygotes have fitness advantage Test – is a population in HW equilibrium at these loci? Data – Havasupai tribe, Arizona Do HLA genotype frequencies of humans conform to H-W model? Observed Expected HLA – A Homozygotes 38 48 Heterozygotes 84 74 HLA – B Homozygotes 21 30 Heterozygotes 101 92 More heterozygotes, less homozygotes than expected, given H-W Why are there more heterozygotes than expected? Hypothesis 1
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lecture%205%20population%20genetics%20B - 10/13/09 1)Is a...

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