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Click to edit Master subtitle style 2/22/10 Discussion and conclusion Shampoo does form micelle an rinses oil out of hair by suspending it in water surfactants were found in shampoo in significantly high concentration – ranging from 8 to 50% of surfactants This large concentration proves that surfactants form micelles in shampoo before interacting with oil and hair. Since the two most prevalent ingredients in shampoo are water and the surfactant, properties discussed in chemical
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Unformatted text preview: principles lead to formation of micelles. Hydrophobic tails of surfactants stay inside micelles and hydrophilic remain on exterior. Large concentration of surfactant leads to high concentration of micelles, which clump together to form liquid crystals this is probably what makes shampoo viscous liquid crystals are broken into micelles when met with high pressure and temperature of water;...
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