phys 220 lab 2 newton's laws of motion

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Analysis Experiment 2 Newton’s Laws of Motion Activity one consisted of pushing a cart up a ramp, and recording the acceleration, velocity, and position until the cart stopped. When the cart was pushed up the ramp, its acceleration and velocity decreased while its position from the initial point increased. The decreases in acceleration and velocity are due to the pull of gravity and fiction on the cart because it is not on frictionless surface and it was going up a slope. After recording the data, we chose six similar and consecutive points of acceleration to find the average acceleration and squared deviation. With the finding of these points we were able to calculate the standard deviation and the final result for average acceleration. One source of error would be allowing the car to hit the gate at the top of the ramp and it bouncing back to the start. This would result in inaccurate graphs and results. In the second activity, we recorded the acceleration of a cart as it was pulled by two different
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