1-13-10IonicCovalentBonds - 1.8 Hydrocarbons-nonpolar 1.9...

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BIOL 13100 Biology II: Development, Structure, and Function of Organisms Nancy Pelaez, Jan 13, 2010, Purdue University, Spring 2010 Freeman (‘08)  Ch 2 Lecture 2: Water and Carbon: The Chemical Basis of Life Electrical Properties of Atoms 1.1 Electrical Forces 1.2 Ionic Bonds 1.3 Covalent Bonds Water 1.4 Electrical polarity 1.5 Ions in water 1.6 Polar molecules in water – hydrophilic  1.7 Non-polar molecules in water - hydrophobic
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Functional groups and their representations  
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Unformatted text preview: 1.8 Hydrocarbons -nonpolar 1.9 Amino groups - polar 1.10 Carboxyl groups – polar and “-“ charged 1.11 Phosphate – polar and “-2” charged Entropy and potential energy BIOL13100 Syllabus and class business Reading Assignments for each lecture with pop quizzes at least 8 times Calibrated Peer Review Essays http://cpr.ics.purdue.edu/CPRLocal/ CORE (Comprehensive Online Research Education) tutorials Hotseat...
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1-13-10IonicCovalentBonds - 1.8 Hydrocarbons-nonpolar 1.9...

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