2-3-10GastrulationNeurulation - From gastrulation to...

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BIOL 13100 Biology II: Development, Structure, and Function of Organisms Nancy Pelaez, Feb 3, 2010, Purdue University, Spring 2010  Freeman (‘08)  Ch 22 p. 454-465 Lecture 9:  Signaling pathways control animal development  
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Change in membrane permeability permits Ca 2+  influx upon  fertilization 1.1 Cortical granule exocytosis raises the vitelline envelope  1.2 Mechanisms regulated by Ca 2+  influx during  fertilizationSperm activation: the acrosome reaction is  regulated by Ca 2+  influx A role for Na + , K + -ATPase in early development 1.3 A gradient is established between the intra- and extracellular  spaces across the cell membrane.  1.4 Na/K-ATPase expression Is required for blastocyst formation  (microinjection of  1 siRNAs β ) 1.5 Embryos injected with Na+, K+-ATPase antisense RNA show  inhibition of gastrulation (Journal of Biological Chemistry 282:  12127-12134, 2007)
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Unformatted text preview: From gastrulation to neurulation 1.6 Gastrulation makes 3 embryonic tissue layers: ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm 1.7 Dorsal-ventral polarity develops during gastrulation. 1.8 The notocord produces molecules to induce the formation of structures that will become organs. Regulatory proteins determine what a cell will become. 1.9 The central nervous system in deuterostomes lies on the dorsal side, but the CNS lies on the ventral side in protostomes Sog is expressed ventrally in flies and its homolog chordin dorsally in vertebrates. The inverse is true for Dpp and BMP. BIOL13100 Assignments – “Toolkit” Genes, Ch 21 pp. 437-443 Complete your CPR 2 peer reviews and self-assessment by the deadline! Work on Problem Set 2 Test 1 is scheduled for Monday, Feb 15 from 8-10 pm....
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2-3-10GastrulationNeurulation - From gastrulation to...

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