2-8-10MasterGenes - leg 1.7 Developmental signals vary by(1...

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BIOL 13100 Biology II: Development, Structure, and Function of Organisms Nancy Pelaez, Feb 8, 2010, Purdue University, Spring 2010 Freeman (‘08)  Ch 21 Lecture 11:  Master Genes regulate signaling transduction pathways to control animal development
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Master regulators set up the body axes: Drosophila as a  model  1.1 Maternal bicoid mRNA is fixed at the anterior pole of the egg  1.2 Upon fertilization, the mRNA is translated into Bicoid protein that diffuses  away from the anterior pole of the egg 1.3 Nuclei distinguish their position based on the concentration of Bicoid  protein.  1.4 Bicoid protein is a transcription factor that binds target DNA sequences to  regulate hunchback and gap gene expression Evidence for Master Regulation 1.5 Homeotic (ectopic) organ mutations occur in animals and plants. 1.6 Expression of a Mouse Hox gene produces an ectopic eye on a Drosophila 
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Unformatted text preview: leg 1.7 Developmental signals vary by (1) positional information, (2) concentration gradient (3) transcription factor targets for specific genes and (4) changes in pumps or membrane permeability. Genetic toolkits that determine body plans have been passed down from an ancestor before the Cambrian explosion 1.8 The location of Hox genes on an animal’s chromosome correlates with their pattern of expression in embryos 1.9 Differences in patterns of gene expression correlate with size and morphology differences 1.10 During development, signal secretion and signal transduction provide new tissue with positional information. BIOL13100 Assignments – Water flux in Plants lecture on Wednesday, Ch 37 p. 813-827 Complete your CPR 2 reviews and self-assessment by the deadline! Finish Problem Set 2, and start Problem Set 3...
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2-8-10MasterGenes - leg 1.7 Developmental signals vary by(1...

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