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BIOL 13100 Biology II: Development, Structure, and Function of Organisms Nancy Pelaez, Feb 12, 2010, Purdue University, Spring 2010 Freeman (‘08)  Ch 23 p. 467-474 Lecture 12:  Seed germination in plants Physical processes in animals and plants 1.1 Osmotic and hydrostatic pressure    1.2 Pumps versus channels 1.3 capillarity in the xylem (H- bonds)   1.4 water has a surface tension, cohesion and adhesion Signal transduction during seed germination  1.5 Gibberellic acid (GA) secretion  1.6 GA receptor on aleurone cells  1.7 FAST: Ca 2+  influx signals amylase secretion. 
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Unformatted text preview: 1.8 SLOW: Transcription factors signal gene expression (amylase production) Conservation of matter and energy 1.9 Apical meristems grow throughout a plants lifetime. 1.10 Mass changes in a germinating seed 1.11 Heat release by a germinating seed 1.12 Carbon dioxide production by a geminating seed BIOL13100 Assignments test on Monday at 8 pm. Check Blackboard after 5 pm on Monday for your room and seat assignment. Finish Problem Sets 1-3 and try the practice exam questions....
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