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CHM 11600 Exam I Learning Objectives Spring 2010 Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry Sections 3.1-3.2 and 4.1-4.5 Learning Objectives: Balance equations for simple chemical reactions Perform stoichiometry calculations using balanced chemical equations Understand the impact of a limiting reactant on a chemical reaction Calculate the theoretical and percent yields of a chemical reaction Use stoichiometry to analyze a mixture of compounds or to determine the formula of a
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Unformatted text preview: compound • Define and use molarity in solution stoichiometry Kinetics Chapter 15 Learning Objectives: • Understand rates of reaction and the conditions affecting rates • Derive the rate equation, rate constant and reaction order from experimental data • Use integrated rate laws • Understand the collision theory of reaction rates and the role of activation energy • Understand catalysis • Relate reaction mechanisms and rate laws...
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  • Chemical reaction, reaction Use stoichiometry, chemical reaction Calculate, Relate reaction mechanisms
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