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HW3 - area A = 1 cm 2 All gaps are equal in length g = 1 mm...

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ECE 430 homework assignment #3 (In class quiz – Fri, Sep 18) Text problem 3.1 (and also find the magnetic flux density in the iron) (partial answer: L = 6.1 mH) Text problem 3.2 (part b only) (partial answer: L11=3.125mH, L22=0.78125mH) Text problem 3.3 (also compute the magnetic flux density in the center and outer legs) Text problem 3.8 (partial answer: 971 AT) Special problem #1 In the magnetic structure below, μ = ∞ in the iron. All legs have the same cross sectional
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Unformatted text preview: area, A = 1 cm 2 . All gaps are equal in length, g = 1 mm. Neglect fringing. N = 100. The coils are connected in series so that both currents are equal. i i N N φ g a) Find the current necessary to generate a flux density in the center post of 1.0 T. b) Find the total flux, φ , in the center post (partial answer: 0.0001 Wb) c) Find the flux linkage, λ L , in the left-hand coil - assume the plus sign on top....
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