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History 1116 - Thorp Test I Key Questions 6 & 44 were omitted from scoring. 1. Which amendment prohibited the United States from occupying the island of Cuba, “…except for the pacification thereof…” a. The Teller Amendment c. The Platt Amendment b. The 15 th Amendment d. The 19 th Amendment 2. The existence of Chinatowns in many western cities was often a result of a. the inability of Chinese immigrants to learn English b. builders exploiting immigrants’ desire for familiar types of housing c. legislation restricting Chinese to ghettos d. the poverty of Chinese workers, who could not afford to live elsewhere 3. In 19 th century America, Social Darwinism was used to justify a. brutal competition in business c. the expansion of public education b. social reform designed to help immigrants d. regulation of the banking industry 4. Progressives emphasized a. private good over public good c. government as a means to improve life b. small government d. the abolition of private property 5. The best symbol the New South would probably be a. a prison c. a factory b. an elementary school d. a university 6. By the end of the 19 th century, more and more American businesses looked abroad for a. markets in which to sell their products b. capital with which to expand their operations c. labor to reduce their manufacturing costs d. all of the above 7. Progressives often objected to a. any notion of human evolution c. Lamarck’s theory of evolution b. Darwin’s theory of evolution d. all of the above 8. The most consistently Progressive branch of government in the early 20 th century was a. state government c. the Senate b. the federal courts d. the House of Representatives 9. Which region of the United States first granted women the right to vote? a. the Northeast c. the West b. the Southeast d. the North 10. Southern Progressives generally believed that denying most blacks the chance to vote a. would be a tragic mistake b. was impossible without violating the Constitution c. would improve government d. was both impossible and undesirable
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11. Progressives like Teddy Roosevelt considered birth control a. essential to American progress c. a sign of moral decay b. a step toward race suicide d. a matter for each woman to decide on her own 12. In Out of This Furnace , Kracha’s experience shows that a. immigrant workers quickly became fully assimilated into American culture b. industrial work was a trap from which immigrants could never escape c. immigrants were able to improve their economic standing in the United States d. factory work was the only work available to immigrants 13. Which of the following best describes the Progressive approach to big business? a. a socialist program of public ownership
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Test1-key - History 1116 Thorp Test I Key Questions 6 44...

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