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LAB PRACTICAL 2 (Labs 6-9) Lab 6: Bones of Upper Extremity and Vertebral Column (Lecture 11- Joints and Upper Appendicular Skeleton) I. Bones of the Upper Extremity (Ch 8: 182-190) A. Pectoral (Shoulder Girdle) 1. Clavicle (collar bone) a. Sternal end (medial) -Head -Articular surface for sternoclavicular joint b. Shaft c. Acromial end (lateral) -Articular facet for acromioclavicular joint 2. Scapula (Shoulder blade) a. Borders of Scapula: 1) Medial (vertebral) 2) Lateral (axillary) 3) Superior -Suprascapular notch b. Angles of Scapula 1) Superior 2) Lateral 3) Inferior c. Depressions of Scapula -Glenoid fossa or cavity (articular surface for glenohumeral joint) d. Processes of Scapula -Scapular spine -Acromion process (articular surface for acriomoioclavicular joint) -Coracoid process -Supraglenoid tubercles -Infraglenoid tubercle B. Bones of Upper Limb: Arm. Forearm, and Hand 1. Humerus a. Proximal End -Head (articular surface for glenohumeral joint) -Anatomical neck -Surgical neck -Greater tubercle -Lesser tubercle -Intertubercular sulcus (bicipital groove) b. Shaft -Deltoid tuberosity -Radial groove c. Distal End -Trochlea (medial articular surface) -Capitulum (lateral articular surface) -Medial and lateral epicondyles -Medial and lateral supracondylar ridges -Olecranon fossa -Coronoid fossa -Radial fossa 2. Radius a. Proximal end -Head -Neck -Radial tuberosity b. Distal End -Ulnar notch -Styloid process of radius -Articular surfaces of the carpals 1) Scaphoid (lateral) 2) Lunate (medial
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a. Proximal End -Olecranon process -Trochlear notch -Radial notch -Proximal radioulnar joint at radial notch with head of radius -Coronoid process b. Shaft -Interosseous border c. Distal End -Head -Styloid process of ulna -Distal radioulnar joint at ulnar notch of radius 4. Carpals a. Proximal Row (lateral to medial) -Scaphoid -Lunate -Triquetral -Pisiform b. Distal Row (lateral to medial) -Trapezium -Trapezoid -Capitate -Hamate 5. Metacarpals a. Labeled #1 (thumb) to #5 (pinkie) (lateral to medial) -Each has base (proximal), shaft, and head (distal) 6. Phalanges- 14 total (singular = phalanx) a. Digits 2-5 have 3 each (proximal, middle, distal) b. Digits 1 (thumb/pollex) has 2 (proximal and distal c. Each phalanx has a base, shaft, and head II. Articulations of Upper Extremity A. Pectoral Girdle 1. Sternoclavicular 2. Acromioclavicular B. Shoulder 1. Glenohumeral C. Elbow 1. Humeroulnar 2. Humeroradial D. Forearm 1. Proximal radioulnar 2. Distal radioulnar E. Wrist 1. Radiocarpal F. Hand 1. Intercarpal 2. Fingers 2-5 a. Carpometacarpal b. Metacarpophalanageal (knuckles) c. Proximal interphalangeal d. Distal interphalangeal 3. Thumb (pollex) a. Carpometacarpal b. Metacarpophalanageal (knuckles)
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LabPractical - LAB PRACTICAL 2 (Labs 6-9) Lab 6: Bones of...

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