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Eric Tsuchiyama I always found it interesting that the Santa Monica pier is pictured in cut scenes during the Lakers' games. The beach is far from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, where the games are hold, so why would it be a good representation of Los Angeles. Despite its distance, the scene of the pier is chosen for the emotions that it evokes in the audience. Society has a desire to establish a connection to nature and the beach provides this connection. This desire shapes and forms the physical space of the beach as it is adapted to fit the needs of the public. Regardless of the prevalent human touch, the beach remains perceived to be pure in nature. The Santa Monica beach and pier are shaped as a place through society's desire to establish a connection to the natural and pure world and escape their everyday lives. The Santa Monica beach is divided into three distinct spaces: the beach, the pier and the boardwalk. The boardwalk mostly acts as a sidewalk, as it is also used for exercise as people use it for walking, running and biking. There are many restaurants and food stands along the boardwalk offering various kinds of food. To the south of the pier there are tables where people play chess. They looked to be homeless by the way they dress and their personal hygiene. Most of them were playing their matches at individual tables and while the remaining few watched. There are vendors offering rentals for different activities at the beach. Lined along the boardwalk are endless amounts of bikes available to rent. Also along the boardwalk there is a huge jungle gym where people are able to work out and also play. There were some men performing tight rope walking and people stood around to watch. There were also a group of friends attempting to imamate a previous man who swung from ring to ring on the giant ring swing set. In front of the jungle gym is a big sign marking the "The Original Muscle Beach." The second space at the beach is the pier. The pier provides activities for people to partake in such as the infamous Pacific Wheel, commonly shown on the evening news, and restaurants to dine at. The first part of the pier is divided along the center for pedestrians and bicyclists and this division seemed to be followed by most. The crowd seemed to know where to walk, though there were the occasional oblivious who walked in the bike lane. The pier was crowded and people moved in large groups. They walked closely together and those who walked slow were passed. When the bike lane ends there are more restaurants and a amusement park, Pacific Park, which has a Ferris wheel, rollercoaster, arcade and other family activities. There is trapeze school where on lookers can watch acrobats practice and perform their tricks and routines. There was a crowd watching them as they climbed up sheets and swung from the bars. The pier also has vendors located along it sides offering goods such as hats, glass paintings,
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geog3paper - Eric Tsuchiyama I always found it interesting...

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