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Eric Tsuchiyama 803-389-918 DIS 1A Week 3 I currently reside in a two bedroom two bath apartment in a small complex. There are three people living together with me sharing a room with a roommate. In sharing a room, privacy is rare and sought after through the arrangement of the room. The bedroom is basically split in half with my stuff on one side and his on the other. Our desks face opposite walls to further propagate the false notion of privacy. Being good friends with my roommate, the lack of privacy is never really an issue. Hours may be spent together and not a word not spoken. While inside the bedroom, individual time becomes of the focus. The computer is designed to be operated by one user and creates separation from those around. The living room must be past to enter the room, so some social interaction is needed when traversing from the entrance to the bedroom when company is over. The living room consists of a dining table and chairs, a couch, and a TV. The one couch implies a familiarity
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