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Eric Tsuchiyama 803-389-918 Dis 1A Week 4 1. What is mechanization and how did it impact agricultural development? 2. How does polycropping provide better results than monocroping? 3. What affects does polyculture have on the society? 4. Explain the problems with using fertilizer? 5. How has capitalism and profit maximization negatively affect the agriculture system and its development? 1. How has the perception of wilderness change from the early centuries to now?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. How does human perception create wilderness and how is in its own way a paradox? 3. Explain how wilderness is never "virgin" or untouched. 4. What qualifications does society put on nature for it to be authentically wild. 5. How can someone experience nature in everyday life without being in the "wilderness?"...
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