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Eric Tsuchiyma 80338918 11/18/09 Week 8 In chapter 9, Morley writes about globalization and the consequences it has on society. One of the problems associated with globalization is that it is seen to threaten the integrity of the indigenous culture and weaken the sense of cultural unity. Because of the diversity of cultures today, a sense of place and identity is formed through their ability to "inhabit different imaginary geographies simultaneously." When a society feels threatened by foreigners, people compensate for this by becoming hostile and prejudice to the strangers. In regulating immigration and citizenship, society forms prejudices against those who restrictions are applied to. "The dynamics of exclusion have their own effect on the subsequent development of the community's internal relationships. Society is then forced to identify itself and set boundaries of those who belong and those who do not. We are accustomed to live in the familiar and are reject of those who are different. When boundaries are created, anything different inside those boundaries are
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