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final cheet sheet - SOCIAL INSTITUTION:(family, religion,...

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SOCIAL INSTITUTION :( , , , , , ), family religion education politics economy and medicine different , , ( areas of out lives that take care of our basic needs has certain structure and role parents and ) children are supposed to behave in a certain way FAMILY : , group of kin united by blood , marriage or adoption who shares a common residence for some part of their lives and assume , reciprocal rights and obligations with regard to one another different from one society to , another US census doesn t care HOUSEHOLD : , people who live together US census cares NUCLEAR FAMILY : , , husband with boy and girl husband and wife must have two or more , , people 2 children living together most people live in nuclear families in US EXTENDED FAMILY : ( , / anyone outside core group son married someone and she lived with you dad mom got , ) sick so they live with you daughter has a child so she lives with you may have extended family who doesn t live with you EXTENDED FAMILY HOUSEHOLD : extended family structure outside household MODIFIED EXTENDED FAMILY STRUCTURE : instead of living with extended , , family members we contact with many of them don t live together but keep in contact / race ethnicity : whites - % , less than 10 live in extended family households / / black Asian Hispanic - % 25 live in extended family households FAMILY OF ORIENTATION : where you came from FAMILY OF PROCREATION : , your own family when you get married and have children = , procreation reproduction don t have to have children MARRIAGE RULES : monogamy : can only , marry one person at a time most popular serial monogamy : you marry one person but divorce , and marry again the US is this : polygamy polygyny : , multiple person marriage next popular to , , , monogamy not for male dominance but its good for economics common in Arabic countries ( more like a business partnership 1 st , wife takes care of cattle 2 nd …), wife takes care of crops can spread genes to several children polyandry : one woman married to 2 or more men at the , , , same time very uncommon has to have more than 5 children occurs in very poor societies ( ), need to control population went extinct group marriage : , 4 men and 4 women no one to one , , ( ), relationship never worked tried to communes everything is shared amongst the people , ( ) creates jealousy Utopian idea no private property : DESCENT group membership - BI LATERAL DESCENT : , , 2 line descent in the US we typically say that we belong to both our mother and fathers families - PATRI LINEAL DESCENT : , children belong to fathers family only traditional in , - Asian countries some people argue that most of our ancestors used to have patri lineal descent because of last names MATRILINEAL DESCENT : , children belong to mothers family only property goes from mother to children ENDOGAMY : ( , , marry inside your group race ethnicity ) religion EXOGAMY : ( , ) married outside your own group gender immediate family Max on the : Moon lead woman character wanted to marry a chimp
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final cheet sheet - SOCIAL INSTITUTION:(family, religion,...

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