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You must read through your entire notes before using the study guide. 1. What is the site for light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis? 2. What is the site for light-independent reactions of photosynthesis? 3. What are the major pigments involved in absorbing light energy for use in photosynthesis? 4. Describe the structure of a chloroplast. 5. What are the products of light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis? 6. What are the products of light-independent reactions of photosynthesis? 7. What constitutes a photosystem and how do photosystems contribute to the process of photosynthesis? 8. Differentiate between photophosphorylation, oxidative-phosphorylation and substrate- level phosphorylation 9. What is chemiosmosis and how does it contribute to ATP synthesis in the thylakoid Membrane? 10. Differentiate PSII and PSI. 11. Describe the C 3 cycle, where does it occur and what are its products? 12. How does CO
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