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PD 212 syllabus 2010 - PD 212 Intro to Urban and...

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PD 212 – Intro to Urban and Environmental Planning (3.0) Spr. 2010 – Registration # 462688 Prof. Alfred D. Price Off: 201-Q Hayes adprice@buffalo.edu Teaching Assistants: Courtney Creenan ccreenan@buffalo.edu Christopher Schaut cpschaut@buffalo.edu Syllabus Course Description and Objectives This course is intended to help students understand what formal professional urban planning activity is, who does it, and to offer insight into why and how it is done in the United States.* The term “environmental” as used in the course title is intended to convey both the object of planners’ activities-- that is, the physical settings of human activities at every conceivable scale —as well as contemporary planning practices that are oriented toward conservation of humans’ natural habitat. Because planning is embedded in the American system of government, the course begins with a mini-primer in our theory of state, and presents planning as a form of articulation of the public interest. Over the course of the semester, topics covered will include urbanization and counter- urbanization; the legal basis for planning; evolution of land use regulation in the US; approaches, tools, and techniques of planning; central components of urban systems; and problems and prospects within natural environmental systems. We will cover briefly selected sub-fields within planning such as transportation, historic preservation, and neighborhood redevelopment. Using lectures, videos, and guest speakers, the major objective of the course is to provide to students a substantial overview of the principles and practices of planning in the US context. The course is open to undergraduates of all majors; there are no prerequisites. PD 212 is a required * N.B. Professional planning most definitely occurs in countries other than the US. However, owing to the wide variation in systems of government, and to widely divergent legal systems of land tenure, no single course could hope to cover such a range of subject matter. Accordingly, we restrict our coverage to the US context.
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introductory course for students majoring (or minoring) in Environmental Design in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. It fulfills a Social and Behavioral Sciences Gen Ed requirement, and is especially recommended for students in architecture, civil engineering, and applied social sciences.
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PD 212 syllabus 2010 - PD 212 Intro to Urban and...

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