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Introduction to Philosophy, Dr Tom Kerns

Introduction to Philosophy, Dr Tom Kerns - • Athenian...

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Philosophy Home Requirements Weekly Sched Lectures Discussion Qs Study Questions Research Project Self Evaluations Business Stuff • Online Resources Mini-lectures on various topics Introductory materials Your teachersthis quarter Lectures related to the Plato readings Plato's Cave, and degrees of separation from the real Who is Socrates? A few important dates in ancient Greece Socratic method Socratesas midwife Indirect communication a la Soren Kierkegaard Dad and George: a story of indirect communication Person A injures person B
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Unformatted text preview: • Athenian history: the rest of the story • Eros in The Phaedrus • A few books about erotic love • Plato's three parts of the soul • The Phaedrus and The Eternal Lectures related to the Hebrew readings • The Greek and Hebrew world views compared • Hebrew wisdom literature: An introduction • The wisdom teachings of The Book of Proverbs • Stages on life's way • Introduction to The Book of Job • What God likes about Job Lectures related to epistemology • Historical periods in western philosophy...
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