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INTRO+Syllabus+Spring+2010+-+M-W-F - TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY...

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TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY SPRING 2010 - PSY 1300 Introduction to Psychology Dr. Amy M. Meeks COURSE GOALS This course is designed to introduce you to the field of psychology. In doing so, we will discuss various aspects of life and how those aspects interact with psychological principles. Because this is a survey course, we will not be able to go into great detail on any of these topics. The goal instead is to cover the main points and give you a good working knowledge that will help you understand psychology as a discipline and as a science. You will find that this working knowledge will add to your understanding of how complex and fascinating we are as human beings. Whenever possible, we will use in- class projects, out-of-class assignments, demonstrations, and videos to illustrate key concepts in this course. COURSE REQUIREMENTS Four (4) Multiple Choice Examinations: Test 1, 2, 3 are chapter specific and test 4, which is the Final Exam, is Comprehensive. COURSE MATERIALS Required text: Myers, D. G. . Exploring Psychology (7th) New York: Worth This book is wonderful, interesting, and full of incredible information. I hope you enjoy reading it and studying as we learn together. INSTRUCTOR Name: Dr. Amy M. Meeks, PhD - Texas State E-mail: [email protected] Office Location: 310 - B Psychology Building Office Hours: M - W 11 to 12:15 and 2 to 2:45 or by appointment Office Phone Number: (512) 245 - 3622 Teaching Assistant: Delia Ibenez - Texas State E- Mail ; [email protected] COURSE POLICIES
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Attendance Class attendance and class participation are considered important in the attainment of course goals. Therefore, absences are strongly discouraged. Attendance is taken daily and I like it best when we are here together! So, if you have three or less absences at the end of the semester, and your grade is on the borderline (59, 69, 79, 89) I will help you up to the next letter grade. You will be surprised how many students can have their grade changed simply by great attendance. My suggestion is that you come to class and keep that extra credit possibility alive. If you choose to be absent, or are absent for reasons beyond your control, that is all right and not the end of the world. Life happens and sometimes you are not in class. The only absences which are accepted and excused are those that are school related in that you are elsewhere representing Texas State University. Documentation verifying those times is essential. Students who attend class MUST VERIFY their attendance by signing the class roll each class period. Attendance in Alkek will be taken by the Teaching Assistant. Leaving class after attendance has been taken, but before class is over, will count as an absence. Otherwise, if you are sick I hope you feel better; if you have to attend a funeral I am sorry for your loss; and if you overslept I hope you feel rested. My hope is that you choose to come to class, be involved, and learn.
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