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palestine week 2

palestine week 2 - Jason mull The Israel/Palestine Question...

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Jason mull “The Israel/Palestine Question: Rewriting Histories” (Ilan Pappe) , “ King David was a Nebbish ” ( Laura Miller) The assigned readings from Ilan Pappe’s collection “The Israel/Palestine Question: Rewriting Histories,” shared a few common and connective threads. First, the writings suggested a change in historical focus from the story of societal and political elites to that of peasants and the common individual. This change in focus is characteristic of “new” or “post-Zionist” historians. That is, originally mainly only Israeli writings on the subject were taken to be academic, while Palestinian works were disregarded as mere propaganda. This complements the idea expressed in the passages that history, is often, in fact, written by the more powerful group, in this case the Israelis. But, now the Palestinians are succeeding in making their own historical account known, and thus bringing “Palestinians back into the history of Palestine.” These “new historians” promote objective research, free of ideological or political bias.
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