reading rapport

reading rapport - T he a rticle I chose to read is entitled...

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The article I chose to read is entitled Les révolutionnaires de Californie, and discusses the Repair California movement. This movement, as it so happens, is installed, as the article puts it, in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district (‘Repair California est installé au coeur du quartier financier à San Francisco’ ). The article describes that the movement as, in one sense, a reaction to Proposition 13, which was enacted in 1978 and, in effect, not only created a cap for income tax, favoring the wealthy, but made it so any legislation regarding an increase in taxation requires a two thirds ‘super-majority’ vote to pass (‘ il faut une super-majorité des deux tiers au Congrèss ’), making it very difficult to pass any tax increases. The purpose of the Repair California movement is to, hopefully, hold a state-wide Constitutional Convention ( Convention constitutionnelle ), to hopefully reform California’s constitution through delegates who are free from the influence of lobbies and contributions (‘ qui échapperait à l'influence - et à l'argent - des lobbies’ ). The article’s premiere sentence reads: “Derrière leurs complets vestons, ils préparent une révolution, ou ce qui en tient lieu, à l'échelle américaine : une modification de la Constitution.” The sentence refers, I’m assuming, to the men portrayed in the article’s main photograph, which depicts several men in business suits, standing in front of the state Capitol building, speaking passionately into a bundle of media microphones
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reading rapport - T he a rticle I chose to read is entitled...

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