Rimbaud - Jason Mull 12-02-09 Reading Rapport Rimbaud When...

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Jason Mull 12-02-09 Reading Rapport “Rimbaud” When I first set out to complete this reading assignment, I gravitated towards newspaper and magazine articles. I leafed through current events, movie reviews, editorials and the like, reading pieces written in fairly standard journalistic form. I then, while at Moe’s in the French section, happened upon a collection of Rimbaud poems in their original French and bought it right up. It is in creative prose and poetry that one can really see the flexibility of a language. Rimbuad, in particular, toys with language; exploiting it and molding it and systematically deconstructing it. His lyric prose is wild and uncompromising. It is freewheeling and no doubt disorienting for non-native and native speakers alike. He stretches the rules of French prose and poetry to near breaking point. In many of his pieces he combines poetry and prose, creating something texturally dynamic and willfully hard to place. His piece Illuminations is a prime example of this sort of experimental language. The work really seems like a montage; scraps of short story, a poem, a parable, a vignette, a moment, a travelogue, all bound up together. It was difficult, at first, to read something in French without a linear narrative. Rimbuad, for example, tosses around the first person singular pronoun “Je” recklessly without any
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Rimbaud - Jason Mull 12-02-09 Reading Rapport Rimbaud When...

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