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The Epic of America

The Epic of America - beyond and a real key to success...

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The Epic of America (james Truslow Adams) Quotes: “We can look neither to the government nor to the heads of the great corporations to guide us into the paths of a satisfying and humane existence as a great nation unless we, as multitudinous individuals, develop some greatness in our own individual souls.” (Adams) “The dream was not the product of a solitary thinker. It evolved from the hearts and burdened souls of many millions, who have come to us from all nations.” (note: The “American Dream” as something deeply personal. Earned by individuals and not by elites.) “Sitting on the steps of the Boston Public Library, where the treasures of the whole human thought had been opened to her…” -Education, self education, and access to knowledge as a true key to the world
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Unformatted text preview: beyond and a real key to success. “the past was only my cradle, and now cannot hold me.” –America as a young, fresh nation, unbound by tradition yet still respectful, admiring, yet questioning, grateful, yet independent. The American Dream and the Public Schools (Hochschild and Scovronick) “The American Dream is a powerful concept. It encourages each person who lives in the U.S. to pursue success, and it creates the framework within which everyone can do it. It holds each person responsible for achieving his or her own dreams, while generating shared values and behaviors needed to persuade Americans that they have a real chance to achieve them. It holds out a vision of both individual success and the collective good of all. “...
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