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Environment Brazil and Germany Notes - NOTES 11-10-09...

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NOTES 11-10-09 Brazil vs. Germany: Different Foundations for Environmental Attitudes 1. Different levels of development (catch up ball mentality, grandeur): a. Where Brazil is vs. Germany i. Stats on GDP per capita ii. Human Development Statistics: infant mortality, life expectancy iii. Germany: VW, BMW, dishwashers, pharmaceuticals, Bayer aspirin; huge economy; first world country iv. Brazil: many poor people (50% live below poverty line); government wants to grow quickly; grandeur v. Germany over Brazil in environmental movement 1. Why? Hard for Brazil to have an economic and environmental movement at once b. Effect on how big and important an environment movement there can be: i. Total percent of people who are “green” in orientation 1. More in Germany than Brazil ii. The mentality of most people who live in the region c. Effect on government thinking: i. Germany: more sensitive image; cautious on European power ii. Brazil: bigger and better 2. The Amazon vs. Pollution Issues in a Small Urbanized Country a. Density issues i. Germany: 62 nd largest country in the world in land mass; population 82 million; very high density = more pollution; more affluent and educated people ii. Brazil: 5th largest country in world in land mass; deforestation of Amazon; 200 million population; low density; foreigners more concerned with Amazon, so no constituency for it in Brazilian politics b. Distance from major urban centers
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i. Brazil: deforestation of Amazon; far removed from daily life ii. Germany: in cities c. The kind of people who live in Brazil (and the Amazon) i. Lower educated, lower income; shapes amount of local constituency; more concerned with “getting food on the table” than environment ii. Not usually involved in politics 3. Critical for Brazil: Transnational Activism a. Why the link is necessary i. Germany Greens are already powerful, do not need political help from other countries ii. Brazil: not going to happen; must have transnational link; cutting off finances where it counts; no fluff in political action 1. Ex. South African anti-apartheid transnational activism b. Hazards of the Linkage i. Many MNCs in Brazil from US 1. Cattle ranching in Brazil The German Greens 1. Introduction: What are the Greens “a case of”? i. A case of a social movement turned into a political party b. Who are the German Greens and what do they stand for? i. Post-war Germans; youngish; privileged; use privilege to speak out for quality of life issues; highly educated; affluent families; urban; secular, not religious; international approach to life; want environmental and immigrant diversity; feminists; strongly attached to peace movement; wanted more nationalist Germany ii. Issue: nuclear power and nuclear weapons (link to peace and environment movement); want Germany out of NATO; rejected nuclear missiles on German territory c. When did they emerge? i.
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Environment Brazil and Germany Notes - NOTES 11-10-09...

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