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Gov notes compilation - The Environmental Movement Brazil...

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The Environmental Movement 11-10-09 Brazil vs. Germany: Different foundations for environmental attitudes I. Economic Aspects: a. Germany is more developed and diversified economically than Brazil b. German economy: i. Products: BMW, Mercedez, awesome electro-domestic appliances, kitchen products, pharmaceuticals : The big picture Germany is a big powerhouse in Europe. Awesome engineering & huge economy ii. Human development: high literacy, longevity, low infant mortality, low fertility rates. A very developed society coming out of a war period and seeking to revamp their image on the world stage. iii. With the rise of the Green Party in 1980s the environmental movement became important political issue. c. Brazil economy: an emerging economy i. 10 th largest economy in the world. Pretty diversified for a developing country, but nonetheless poverty is a big issue. 50% of population lives below poverty line. Income distribution very unequal. Top 10% carry 44% of the income, while bottom 10% carry less than 2% of the income. ii. Brazil’s economic goals: Brazil is seeking power and economic growth, the focus is NOT the environment. They want grandeur, the environment is on the back burner. WEALTH, POWER, BIGNESS. d. Different aspiration and goals between Germany & Brazil; thus the reason GR has been more successful than BR. BR is playing catch-up & exploiting the natural resources, while the poor don’t care about saving some bird, its about what to eat that day. Effect on how big & important an environmental movement there can be: I. Total % of people who are green in orientation:
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a. Greater in GR b/c they are a post-material society who have transcended materialism and can focus on the environment. b. Less in BR: people are too poor and most are undereducated so their focus is somewhere else. II. The Mentality of most people in the region: a. GR: the government and the people are on board for the environmental movement. Their trying to show a different side after WWII, one of compassion and sensitivity to humanity. b. BR: a very “now” mentality, want economic improvement now don’t care about long term issues this may cause. The people who need jobs are for the development of the Amazon. Politicians are also very corrupt and don’t care about the environmental movement. III. Geography issue: low density vs. high density a. BR is the 5 th largest country in land mass; very low density. The Amazon is away from urban centers. There are nearly 200 mil. People who don’t see the destruction. b. GR is the 62 largest country in land mass; very high density. The size of Montana w/ 82 mil. People. People see pollution clearly. Most of these folks are affluent opportunity context: the time is just right for an environmental movement. IV. Critical for BR: Transnational Activism a.
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