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GOV Notes Nov 19 BRASIL -top 10% income earners earning 44% of wealth, bottom 10% earning less than 2% -new capital built in 1950s, Brasilia MOVEMENT TO “SAVE” THE RAINFOREST I. introduction to rainforest issue—what is it a case of? -country with lots of poor people, low education levels, have immediate needs (thus care less about long term) -Hunter thinks we can look at preserving old woods, leaving moderate lands for indigenous people, curbing cutting, etc., but total preservation will not happen -issue that crosses international boundaries -exploitation breeds riches for some, these people have influence over gov, and this does
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Unformatted text preview: provide some jobs for poor people-who cares about preserving rainforest? why should we worry about its preservation?-difficulty of broadening domestic support for movement-limited group that sympathizes, people have bigger problems -importance of international allies-vulnerability to faddishness -seems like a pet project, potential to become passé -first world hypocrisy?-lots of odds against it. unlike greens where social, economic, political elements promoted greens’ institutionalization in Germany II. why Brazilian elites have wanted to control fate of Brazilian Amazon-resources-geopolitics...
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