sept 8 - or a range of environments that cover a range;...

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Could be several formations o Plotting ranges of taxa through the section, first and last appearance o Typically found taxa throughout long section o Equal rates: 45 degree slope Unequal rates: straight line plot at > or < 45 degree slope Change in rate: kink slope followed by a larger slope Unconformity: vertical and then slope Learn rate and time of deposition of organisms by looking at the tops and bottoms o From well data, you would use the best fit line o Conclusion: presence of unconformities help map out petroleum traps How do you analyze a Shaw Range Diagrams? Less than 50% is a poor correlation 70%-90% are in the clear for a good correlation The values used in Simpson dg. o Fauna needs to be fairly long; 20 is better; favorable and identifiable facies bc. People evaluate the faunas differently, it’s better if the same person identifies the faunal list Environment needs to be similar
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Unformatted text preview: or a range of environments that cover a range; specialized environments present problems with facies fossils, eg. Reef environments Climate similarity (this is pertinent in the long range comparison); ice house times cut down on things that are common -> tropical, temperate, and polar (more climatic zones) Distance: some organisms only occur in one or few facies, fewer things in common the further you are, eg. Benthic organisms wide deep oceans, big continents, unfavorable environments (barrier) Migration: occurs quickly if barriers are not present, evasive species does not take long before it overtakes the environment (not too big of a problem) Prerequisite conditions: o How do you analyze a Simpson Diagram? 4 Tuesday, September 08, 2009 9:30 AM Paleobiology Page 1 Paleobiology Page 2 Paleobiology Page 3...
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sept 8 - or a range of environments that cover a range;...

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